Projects I am currently working on.

Hookah Cafe

If you are not sure what a Hookah Cafe is you may know it as a Shisha Bar or Shisha Cafe, in this small mountain town of Salmon Arm there is a major lacking of facilities to relax at. So instead of going through the expense to create a lounge a Hookah Cafe is the next best thing, so if you are interested in investing in this project you can contact me and we can work out the details.

Since I work for a Modular Home company I see in my daily life the need for a service like this, I am working on creating a listing site. I know there are hundreds of listing sites out there but hey maybe mine will be the next big one. So keep an eye out for this these maybe I’ll get rich from them. I am not currently taking investors for this project at this time as it is a low costs operation, but look for more complex projects coming in the future.

Project Management

Remember my services are always for hire, if you have a project that you need help with I am here and have ties in the community to get projects done. Contact me