Pro Sports

Okay I don’t watch hockey, I don’t play it, and I’m not a big fan of it, but from what Ive seen and heard, some changes need to be made. This goes for all other sports too.

Really how do they decide how much a player is worth. I know that they base it on how much the person contributes to the greater promotion of the team to bring more people in. But really is a hockey player really worth $10,000,000. How about this, how about players get paid on a performance basis.

Lets say every point a player gets, they get $1000. An assist $750. and so on. If you work it out an good player would bring home about $500,000. I think that is plenty for a pro sports player.

This way of wages would make the game more exciting because players would have more of an incentive to play harder and try to win. Look at the CFL about half the players actually don’t play football as a fulltime job, they have other jobs. And you know what CFL games are exiting to watch. Hockey has gotten so bad to watch it like watching golf. SO give it some thought maybe its time to change the way players are paid.

5 thoughts on “Pro Sports

  1. Sister

    what’s with all the heavy thought lately. Is the idea of having a PhD getting to your head or what. Don’t mind me I’m a little doped up from pulling out my neck.

  2. ReCk

    You on drugs again…

  3. Sister

    nah, just extra strength advil, very powerful stuff…

  4. Hackboy

    I really don’t think that hockey is boring or dull. The guys out there compete really hard and train full time to get to that level, so they cannot have another job. Do I think that someones services are worth 10mil. a season, hell no. If fans are willing to pay $150 a ticket (they are, somehow) then teams can afford to bring in the big players for the big money. I think this whole situation will change once the CBA expires, I can almost guarantee a strike for the 2004-2005 season.

  5. ReCk

    But what happened a few years back in the NBA, salaries got to such a point that teams couldnt pay their players anymore. And they placed a salary cap on all contracts well that lasted what a week then some guy signed a 140 million dollar contract totally over the cap. Just look at football, in Montreal 98% of the seats are season ticket holders, the rest go for around 25$. You come to Calgary or Winnipeg there is not even close to that many season ticket holders and tickets can be upwards of 200$. IT just seems there is way too many greedy peopel in the pro sports arena.