Plagiarize This!

You heard me go ahead let me see this the next time I pick up a paper. I know you are already saying “He has freaking lost it” well actually… actually no not this time, but that day is coming. After spending 5 years in high school, one year in CEGEP, 2 years at college, 3 years at University, and about to spend 5 years at graduate school, I have a beef to pick.


Plagiarism… You know that word every teacher you have ever had has drilled it into your mind that you cannot cheat to get through life. And I agree plagiarism is wrong and should be spoken of often, but I think that this politically correct society that we live in has gone too far. 6 billion people live on this planet and at least half of them are having a good thought a day, the rest are sleeping or just stupid. But what I am trying to get at is that eventually 2 people will have the same “original” thought, see original in quotations that is the key word here. Think about it, have you ever just suddenly had the most incredible thought and have never came across it in your daily life. Yes! Good cause I was getting worried there. Have you ever thought well maybe I should look into a little more, and you find that someone else has had the exact same thought? The question is, did you just plagiarize that thought. Well under current trains of thought if you decided to publish your idea then yes, your most amazing thought of your life, is not yours and you have just plagiarized.


My point is that it is going to happen, two people that have no relation to one another and probably will never come face to face could have the same thought and both find the need to write about it and share it with others. Who does this intellectually property belong to, the person that publishes it first, the person that had it first, the person that has more money to fight it. In my opinion they both should get credit because they were both independent original thoughts.


So why am I bringing this to the front, The Da Vinci Code author has been charge with plagiarizing the idea that Christ had a child with lady Magdalene. Which honestly if every author and writer started suing for plagiarism each time their theme was used we would be in big trouble. Most TV sitcoms today are based on the Flintstones, one dumbass husband, smart wife, dumb friend, kids causing trouble. Can you think of any TV shows you have seen lately that fit that theme.


Come on people more the one person is going to have the same thought, be proud that someone else also is brilliant like you.


My 2 cents.




Oh for every one out there that has to use those submission websites for the teacher gets a report of how much of your document looks like someone else’s. Here’s a tip, write your whole document in Word, then save the document as a full scale jpeg, then create a new Word document, set all the margins to 0, import the jpeg of your original document make sure that the margins did not mess up. You now have a word document that contains your whole essay and looks just like the original. Submit it to the submission system, and have a good laugh when it comes back with zero plagiarism. Your teacher will not know the difference.