Piss off! Americans

After reading this article RIM I just cannot belive the nerve of a US company, trying to claim that their pantents are also within Canada. But if you read the whole article you find out that the pantents are only within the US. Since RIM is Canadian their head office is Canadian, and their Relay Server is located within Canada, the bases for the whole system runs within Canada. How can they claim that since the service is used mostly with the US that the pantents apply. The only portion of the system that is being used within the US is the handhelds units which are sold by RIM to third party companies.

My Final Words

Piss Off! If you dont like dont use it.

One thought on “Piss off! Americans

  1. kevan

    of course the rediculousness of the US position is shown if you turn it around and have a foriegn company claiming the pantent of an amerikan company. It would get thrown out of court. You may remember a Canadian funeral home company that got was driven into bankrupcy by a court in Mississippi. The law used would not have been upheld in any civilized country in the world except Mississippi. Amerikans have no honour