P4 Extremly Expensive

So the P4EE got release today, but I thought the P4EE was a Xeon with 2MB L3, but wait doesn’t the Xeon family have 1MB L2 cache also, but the P4EE only have 512kb L2. So what is the point, everyone knows if you increase the L2 cache you see a major boost in performance. But to only increase the L3 just doesn’t seem right. Honestly all chips should have 512kb of L1 1MB of L2 and 2MB of L3, that would make a very powerful chip. It is time to stop caring about Processor speed and focus on processor bandwidth. Currently there is nothing on the market that requires a 3.2GHz cpu.

Dream Config

3.0 Ghz CPU 512L1 1MBL2 2MBL3
3.0 Ghz FSB (not quad pumped or double)
3.0 Ghz DDR2 2GB
3.0 GHz GPU with 2GB GDDR2 also running at 3.0GHz and also connected directly to the Northbridge.
and just for kicks 1TB RAM Drive also running 3.0GHz DDR2 connected to the Northbridge.

Just think about that config everything is running in sync and they would be practically no loading times on anything. This config could last for years, the only people that would need anything more powerful would be users of extreme complicated mathematical problems.

Yes I know that this config would cost about $20000 right now, but it would be a very nice machine.

2 thoughts on “P4 Extremly Expensive

  1. Cabrinie

    Guess what I have no idea what you are talkin’ about up there (arrow pointing up)

  2. ReCk

    aren’t acronyms fun….