Ooops where did it go!

So it has been awhile since I posted, well that is because my Hosting company for this domain had a major power outage and ended up loosing their ISP connection for a few days. Which pissed me off cause all my main email accounts are located on those servers. But oh well, when it comes up for renewal in a few months im just going to transfer it to my own hosting service.

But now to the real part of this post. So it is Xmas time and people are spending like crazy. So i got into the mood to do some Xmas shopping with my girl. And I started using my credit cards to pay for everything. But the best part is it has been 13 days and none of the charges ive made have shown up on my account. I have a reservation for a lodge in Canmore, a car rental, a bunch of gifts. Nothing. 13 days and not one charge has shown up. So im hoping i won that Visa Win What You Buy contest cause that would just kick some royal ass if i did. Or that their systems are so over loaded that they have just lost my account. That would be great too. But the weird thing is I keep using the card and it keeps getting approved. Now on my account it says it may take 3 days for charges to appear, well 13 days is a little longer than 3. But do you think im going to tell, hell no. I hope it continues, i hope they never realize that charges aren’t appearing.

So that is my story for now, I have a few others but in due time. Oh ya my girl will be gone for a week so a little bummed by that, but hey gives me time to finish up the plastering in the basement and maybe do some painting.

Oh and to Visa, MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA eat that. you interest hungry thieves.

3 thoughts on “Ooops where did it go!

  1. Cabrinie

    It’s like stealin’

  2. ReCk

    its only stealing if they know about it.

  3. Hackboy

    It’s not stealing, it’s borrowing forever..