One Problem Fixed Another Started

Well the php problem was finally solved.

It seems in IIS 6.0 you have to make php look like cgi for IIS will allow the translation. Wierd IIS 5.1 never did that. Oh well.

Next I am getting connection errors to my MySQL, never got these before and everthing seems to be fine.


Host Name: ONE
Database name B2

but this is the error I get.

“PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() in C:InetpubComing Soonblogb2install.php on line 17”

but if i check the b2config.php file i have it set up like this

$dbname = ‘B2’; // the name of the database
$dbhost = ‘ONE’; // 99% chances you won’t need to change this value
$dbusername = ‘********’; // your MySQL username
$dbpassword = ‘********’; // …and password

Any ideas would be great.

2 thoughts on “One Problem Fixed Another Started

  1. Hackboy

    I wish I could help you out but I’ve never setup this stuff before. Im new to all of this actually. I think im just going to setup my page and go with it, if you get the comments working BIG bonus, if not Ill most likely be moving to another server in a bit anyway. I have a neat idea for my site too, but you’ll haveta wait and see what it is. Suspense attracts hits, right???

  2. ReCk

    Ummm no Cause then I would make my first page a black screen saying PLEASE STAND BY!!!

    Its wierd though I’ve never had these problems with MySQL, maybe its having a conflict with MSSQL, but they are not running on the same ports so they should be fine.

    Oh well I should get back to studying, I have a quiz in my Canadian Business class in 2 hours, that I only remembered today when outlook popped up with a little notice. Good old outlook.