New Look

Well as you can see I made some changes, It only took 4 hours to figure out have to get the margin setups, damn css. Well I am sorting understanding how it works. I might change the colours, still thinking about that one. I am still learning php, and more I read the more I have no clue what the code is trying to say. But I will eventually figure it out.

I finally figured out how to mix php and html, its more of tricking Frontpage and it even lets me place FP web components in the php file. Its great. Even though someone out there doesn’t like FP. I find it a great tool, FP 2003 is much better than 2K. I never got into Dreamweaver, as it has allot of functionality I’m just not in the mood for learning a new interface.

Well I’m heading to bed.

One thought on “New Look

  1. Hackboy

    Uhhh your comment window is all messed up, maybe its just my system. The sizing is all off, and its not centered on the screen