2 thoughts on “Need Some Help

  1. archos

    It’s not MySQL that you would have to change it is the php script. Second, are you by chance using an IFRAME up top there? If you are, you may want to reconsider and use CSS (ie. Create a new div) instead.

    Other than moving away from an IFRAME you just need to set the target in the links. This would require you to go through the php scripting that your site uses, and hack at it. Wouldn’t be much to add that.

  2. ReCk

    I used a IFRAME cause no matter what I tried with the CSS to get the links to aling the way i wanted them it just would look like crap if you resized the page. So to make it easier for me, I placed them in cells and made a IFRAME then used the CSS to colour it. I have gone through the PHP and i cant find anything to say how the links are autogenerated.