Need juice

Damnit i came to school today without my plug for my laptop, and I have a full day. Even a centrino cant last a 8 hour day. it is 12 right not and my battery level is saying 53 minutes left, that wont last me the rest of the day. Im on break for the next hour and then I have a test, so laptop for that, then an hour class then a 2 hour class. So i might be able to make it through 2 classes but im not geting to use it for my last class damnit.

Dell send me my other battery for I can get 10 hours of battery life.

2 thoughts on “Need juice

  1. Hackboy

    Thats still pretty decent, dont forget your adapter next time. Have you paid for the laptop yet? Or has Dell not sent you your full order yet.

  2. ReCk

    stll havent got my full order it on it way… last time i checked the tracking it was on its way from Ontario… And no I still havent paid for it.