My Views On US Politics

Everyone that knows me knows that I am not at all fond of the US government. Its not that I hate Americans I just hate the ignorance that come with them. The US or a like to call them Sanction Invaders, has been on a world wide takeover mission ever since the late 30’s. In recent years they have upped they mission and now have started forcing countries to bide by their political views or face the wrath of their bombs. Lately it has gotten bad between the US and Canada, basically because Bush does not Like Chrétien and Chrétien doesn’t like Bush. (Don’t believe, search for a video clip of when these two met for the first time about 8 years ago) Bush has placed more sanctions on Canada than it has against Cuba. And don’t get me started about Cuba. Shall I list the bans/tariffs/sanctions that the United States currently has on Canada?

1 – Soft Wood lumber
2 – Cow
3 – Bison
4 – Deer
5 – Elk
6 – Moose
7 – Sheep
8 – Goat
9 – Potato
10 – Wheat
…. And the list goes on.

As you can see some of those are Canada’s largest industries. I am not surprised if they start going after Uranium, Diamonds, Gold, Copper, Nickel, Platinum, Or, and let us not forget that Canada is the largest producer of Aluminum, lets see what would happen if we decided no to ship that to them. Wait there is more, currently 40% of American weapons (guns, tanks, and armored vehicles) are produced in Canada, well guess what they are now canceling those deals just because they don’t want to depend on Canada.

Remember the Canada Pipe Line; it was supposed to be a conduit for Oil to be transported safely from Alaska through the Yukon, Alberta into Montana. Well they can’t depend on Canada so they still use a more dangerous shipping lane to bring oil from Alaska to Seattle. And now with Bush allowing oil exploration in the Alaska animal reserve, that is just going to cause so mush environmental damage. That animal reserve is the migration grounds for the world’s largest caribou herd, which travels from NWT to Alaska every year. Wait there is even a better part to this one, 3 clam areas that the US has for exploration are actually located in Canada. Well if you haven’t followed the border stories, the US does not acknowledge Canada’s claim on the artic. They have gone to the World courts many times to take the north from us, of course they never win. And don’t forget an American company owns the moon, that’s right Wal-Mart owns the deed to the moon. Don’t ask me how they pulled that one but they have a legal claim to the moon.

Well from the latest news today, the US government says they will not been ready for the September 1st border opening to Canadian Beef, surprise surprise. Everyone knew that was coming.

I say we should call back all Canadian Forces currently serving abroad, and perform a mass invasion of the United States, I believe we could have at least 20 states before anyone in the White House or congress would believe that Canada was attacking them. And just out of spit we set the Capitol building on fire again like we did in 1812.

Well I could go on for a year bitching but I think I will end it here.

2 thoughts on “My Views On US Politics

  1. Hackboy

    Good article, heavily opinionated… You have to realize that when you are a super power like the US, you aren’t out to make friends with anyone, everyone wants to make friends with you. The reason why the US has so many sanctions etc… on Canada is because we allow it to happen so we can continue some soft of exportation to the US. Prime example of this is the beef industry, if we piss the US off and they no longer take our goods, everything will go south, much like beef has. Attacking the US would be stupid in my opinion, they would simply turn us into dust or make us a couple of states in a matter of years, we have no chance. It is true that we can cut them off from certain resources, but we dare not since we depend on them so much more.

  2. ReCk

    Yes but your forget something called NAFTA, there is supposed to be free trade between a two countries, meaning they cant place tarrifs on our goods. Also what about the Ocean tankers that on sitting off the coast of BC sucking up fresh water from our streams to be transported to CArlifornia. It goes on and on. It is time for someone to tell the states to get off there High Horse. And you know what Canada is finally taking a stand against them, we are not doing what they say. What are they going to do attack us. They would then have all 38 members of the Commonwealth on their hands, and they dont want that because one of the members is now their best bud Britain. So eaither way, it is time for countires to start to say NO.