My Sisters Rant

I got this e-mail from my sister today, she wanted me to write a post about it but i figure why not just post her anger.

Have you heard what the Harper is planning is he wins. He wants to give Quebec further political autonomy, basically giving Quebec the sovereignty they apparently want so bad. If said if Quebec were a separate country they wouldn’t need transfer payments from Ottawa. How fucking stupid is this guy, he’s suppose to be a federalist not a separatist in disguise. I feel like slapping somebody. There that was my rant on the issue, you need to do a rant about this stupidity on your site. ARGGGGG

One thought on “My Sisters Rant

  1. byron

    My guess — and yes I’m wearing my tin foil hat — would be that if Quebec separates, then it will be easier for Alberta to separate and be able to keep all the oil money, no?