My New Toy

So Dell was having a sell last week on their MP3 players, so I checked it out and decided since i spend everyone morning in the gym that I should buy a music player for I can listen to music while having my heart attacks.

So I bought the Dell Pocket DJ (5Gb Micro Player)

Dell Link

CNET Review

So when I opened the box, and was cery confused by the size of the box.

Player vs. Box

Then I had to laugh when I pulled it out of the plastic.

Steal Music

And just to give you more of an idea of how big this thing is.

Player vs. Credit Card
9 CM

I will write my review tomorrow, after I use it for a day.

2 thoughts on “My New Toy

  1. Cabrinie

    This is way better than that whole pink thing you had going on.

  2. Jason

    Well thanks but, wrong post to say that in.