My Domain Worth

So I own some domains, some have been around a long time, others I have only had a short time. But here is a break down of what they are potentially worth. Estimated Actual Value: $19,494.00 Estimated Actual Value: $11,094.00 Estimated Actual Value: $15,606.00 Estimated Actual Value: $10,334.00

This is using the domain estimator. Interesting the domains I have had the longest are estimated at being the most valuable.

Well known domains. Remember this is just the domain not the business behind it. – $1,393,944.00 (site does mention it can be much more then that) – 2,254,614.00 (site does mention it can be much more then that) – $2,340,002.00 (site does mention it can be much more then that)

3 thoughts on “My Domain Worth

  1. kevan

    How is the value determined? Is the number of hits, the value of the name or…….

    And could the sites be used as collateral.

    For that matter what is the difference between a site and a domain.

    Stupid question day?

  2. Jason.Tapp

    This is how they determine the value.

    What is my domain name worth?

    “This question is asked by many, but very few get a solid answer. This is because domain names rely entirely on demand and therefore the only indication as to value is what somebody will pay for it. Here at LeapFish, we have created a rating system which is based on various factors and ratings you may find individually for a domain name. This system is called a CVS (Combined Value Score). The CVS is created by compiling a score derived from several different factors and running them through our formula to end up with a number. This is your score.”
    How do you determine a value?

    “We have gathered data on thousands of domain names that have sold recently and how much they sold for in order to create what we like to call the Value Multiplier. This is a magic number you multiply by your CVS by to achieve an estimated value based on historical sales and current domain value. This estimated base value is generally used as a guideline in selecting a minimum sale value. The estimated actual value is directly derived from the base value and attempts to reflect actual potential. Some domain names do not have a high enough demand unable to meet this number, so please do not assume this value is absolute.”
    How accurate is the LeapFish analysis tool?

    “Our system is unable to determine value of a domain name logistically which means that we are unable to accurately predict how people view a name and what it actually implies, means, suggests to them. Instead, all domain names are valued by factors such as length, TLD(.com,.net,etc), english dictionary words, historical archives at, symbols and numerals, etc, and are compared equally. An example is say and These names may compare to each other similarly on our system because they are both english dictionary words, same amount of letters, probably have been registered for a long time and have a history. As far as money is concerned, the name has far more potential than The point is, our system doesnt take into account what the name actually “means” so your name may be worth much more or much less. Use your better judgement, when interpreting the analysis results.”

    The easy definition between a site and a domain is, that a domain is the container that holds one or more sites.

  3. Ronlee Tapp

    Well Jason I just happen to be wasting time (Again ) on the Internet when I should be doing an assignment Looking up my Husbands name Kevan Tapp and came across your website, well done for getting your thoughts and feelings out there many more of us should consider letting the world know how the common man feels