Longhorn 2009

So some tech firms around the world are predicting a 2009 release of the new version of Windows. Microsoft who originally had said 2005, pushed that back to 2006. And it seems that may be delayed. From what i can understand about the delay is WinFS. it seems that they had been wroking on it for 10 years or so, and a few weeks ago they totally trashed it and started over again. But what i can see happening is there being a WinXPSE that has the visual upgrades that longhorn would have brought. Microsft is going to have to do something soon. With X86-64, PCI Express, DDR2, and so on. They need to bring something to that market that can take full advantage of these new features. Do you really want to rely on a third party to create the functionality. Look at linux drivers, Centrino has been out for almost a year now and there is still no drivers for Linux. So i guess what im saying is that I would love to see Longhorn come out in 2005, but if it isnt there needs to be a 79$ upgrade to WinXP-SE (if there will be one)

5 thoughts on “Longhorn 2009

  1. Hackboy

    Sounds like you are referring to the Plus! pack. Microsoft rapes us enough, maybe they should just release another one of their monthly service packs and include some free shit since we all worked very hard to get around their activation and copy protection.

  2. ReCk

    No what im saying is go the way Mac does, everytime they have a new version they charge 79$ for the upgrade. That seems like a fair deal. Cause if the next version of Windows is not out till 2009 the market is just going to go stale. They need something to keep people using Windows.

  3. Hackboy

    No way in hell am I paying for a service pack. Regardless of what you think, that’s what Mac charges for. If I buy Windows XP I think I am entitled to recieve all the fixes and “enchancements” for free.

    The business model for the Mac OS is horrible. I don’t see how they can justify charging someone twice for the same operating system. Why the hell woul you want to be charged more than once is my question now…

  4. Hackboy

    Damnit I meant enhancements. you know it.

  5. ReCk

    But poeple paid for Win98SE what would be the difference. I just cant see using WindowsXP for the next 5 years. And im not going over to that Linux crap. I wouldnt mind linux if it was cross platform compatible. Then i would think of using it, but since 90% of the programs i like are Windows based this is where i will stay. BUt back to paying for an upgrade, ya im in the smae boat as you i hate paying for software but if it meant a major change to the Windows environemnt then it might be worth a small fee. I defitely hate the Lindows model, here pay 89$ for the OS but then gives us a yearly fee to install software that is already free.