Life as I know it

Well allo world, yes I am still alive, I think. Let me check, one second……….. umm ya looks like I am still around.

Been a little busy the last few, ClearGate Communications has been taking up most of my day and night. We are progressing, we have completed our first round of meetings with all the towns and villages, and we also had our first meeting with MLAs. That was an interesting one. We were given about a week noticed that we would be sitting in on a meeting between the county and some invited Ministers. So Kyla and myself spent much time preparing a document that would be submitted to government, let me tell you, this is not an easy task, you have to make it professional enough to remain eye catching, but has to be short enough that they don’t loose interesting; ours came to 8 pages, and I do say so myself that it came out very nice. Good thing I was able to get my hands on Adobe CS2 which came with InDesign, if you have never used InDesign give it a try it . But back to the main topic, we got the document done a the day before we needed to go to Edmonton, we decided to go up on a Sunday since the meeting was at 8:00 at the Alberta Legislative, and driving up that morning would have been crazy.

But Sunday was a great day, was around 20 degrees out and sunny, we spent the first half the day at West Edmonton Mall, which was nice haven’t been back there in a few years, hasn’t changed much. But we decided to eat on Bourbon Street, when we realized that not one of the restaurants was Cajun. So we ate at a Mexican place, which was some really good food, Kyla wasn’t feeling well because was hope up on Buckley’s Pills, but it was still good food. The rest of the evening we decided that maybe we should see how far the walk was from the hotel to the Legislative. Just as a side note if you are ever in Edmonton stay at the Marriott Courtyard, we had a business suite on the top floor, and I swear the bath room could be big enough as a bedroom. Kyla fell in love with the bed and pillows that I have to say so myself they were great pillows. But I basically choose that hotel because they provided free valet and free internet, and I glad, because our room looked over the North Saskatchewan valley river area and it was beautiful. But Sunday was such a nice evening that we walked over to the Legislative Buildings, only having a general idea of where it was from the hotel, and well after making a few wrong turns climbing up and down for hills we found and it was only 20 minutes from the hotel, and that’s when we decided that we should walk in the morning.

But on the way back, I have my cameras out attached on the tripod and I was carrying it on my shoulder and it gave the appearance of being a gun, which I guess wasn’t the best thing to do on government property, but we walk up to the guard and he thought it was golf clubs, which was funny. But we decided to take the scenic route back, so we walked down to the river, and took a little walk onto the bridge were I got some nice pictures of our hotel up on the hill and the Fairmount which was next door. But this is when we realized that we had to walk up that hill to get back, and Kyla was in a hurry to make sure she could see her favorite TV show Desperate Housewives (STUPID SHOW). So we made our way back in the general direction of the hotel having no clue how we were going to get there, walked through some interesting areas, and this is when we came to the STAIRS, these stairs are not just normal stairs, they were not the normal 8” rise and 9”run, these were 4’ rise and 12” run, and there had to be 300 steps to the top of the hill. Halfway up we needed to stop and take a break because I thought I was having a freaking heart attack and my knees have a bit of flamage to them. After making it all the way up and covered in sweet we made our way around the block to the Hotel, got in and turned the air conditioner up. And this is when I realized that the shower had a massage setting which was bloody hell the best part of this trip. Pssst( Kyla didn’t notice the massage setting)

But this thing is getting long, the moral of this story is, Edmonton is great, Calgary sucks, Marriott Courtyard Hotel is a great place to stay, and make sure to eat in the Bistro which overlooks the river, and has great food. We realized that a bus in Edmonton comes by every few seconds. We also realized there is a strange green bug that Kyla was very interested in but was afraid to touch. If you ever want a nice drive, take the road out of downtown that goes to Victoria Park, great drive. Ya the rest of the story will have to be another day, Kyla is given me the look trying to figure out what I am writing here.

My existence depends on my belief that I exist, what if I do not belive?

5 thoughts on “Life as I know it

  1. Cabrinie

    Edmonton is great if you don’t mind the gangs. (They are worse there than Calgary – we have more grow-ops) The weather isn’t as nice – and you are farther away from the mountains.

  2. Jason

    Ok looking at the crime statistics.

    2003 – Crimes (Violent & Property)
    Calgary – 65091
    Edmonton – 45753

    This shows there is more crime in Calgary. the Calgary number sky rockets when when you take into account auto crimes. (Information from Calgary Police Services, and Edmonton Police Services)

    The weather is on average a few degrees colder in Edmonton which I like much better, and it is less dry. It is true it’s farther from the mountains, but it is closer to Jasper which is the better park.

  3. Cabrinie

    Maybe you just want to be closer to Klein.

  4. Jason

    Ya closer for I can make sure he never gets elected ever again.

  5. Cabrinie

    Na – I think you just want to be closer to him.