Lamo Surrenders

Ok only people out of the “GEEK” crowd know Lamo. Adrian Lamo surrender today to the US DA. He is charge with 2 counts of hacking. Lamo if you don’t know is I guess a Grey Hat, I say that because he likes the attack, but he fits in as a white hat, because he informs the company before the attack to patch there systems, then he attacks them a few days later and finds they haven’t patched. So he plays both side little Black little White, he fits the Grey. Honestly what he has done is the best thing for the IT world, it keeps admins on their toes. But hey again the Americans playing GOD, and forcing him to surrender.

If you want to help Lamo.

This is not as bad as last week when the US DA charge a 17 year old who modified the Blaster worm, with the highest punishment possible. The kid who is considered mentally challenged modified the worm and placed his name and his web address in the code. Instead of going easy on him they are going to send him to jail for 25-Life.

There goes the BOMB again.
Free Lamo

3 thoughts on “Lamo Surrenders

  1. Hackboy

    Do you really think they should pitty a “mentally challenged” person when they do wrong? I think they should get the exact same punishment as everyone else unless they are so far gone that they no longer have the ability to make any type of judgement call. I hope that kid is happy with what he did, he deserves everything that’s coming is way. I don’t think that 25-life is the right thing to do though, the guy didn’t commit murder or anything. My argument is that he’s obviously got enough knowledge to modify code, so he probably has enough brains to have the ability to make a judgement call.

  2. ReCk

    Come on if the kid is metally challenged and doesnt right from wrong how they they send him to jail, place the retard in a placed filled with his kind, MAKE HIM WORK AT AOL.

  3. Hackboy

    Maybe you should be working at AOL with your superfluous grammar.