Korn – Greatest Hits

So the new Korn album came out today, I still haven’t gone out and bought it, but I did download it the minute it appeared on sources that will nameless. The new single Word Up, I have to say is the worst song I have ever heard come from Korn, and I normally like everything they make, but this one just sucks purple monkey balls.

Though they added a cover song to the album which actaully is a really good cover. Pink Floyd’s – Another Brick In The Wall.

but still there all time best song has to be Got The Life..

So everyone should go out and buy this album, right now, even though I don’t like the new single.

5 thoughts on “Korn – Greatest Hits

  1. Hackboy

    Yea that’s pretty fucking bad. MESSAGE TO KORN – You remember your first album? Ya, sound like that again.

  2. K

    Korn…Bad? No Way! [sarcasm]

  3. Bum

    I like Korn…sometimes

  4. lloydy

    well i think anything is better than untouchables!

  5. Silverware

    Like what you have to say. Your blog makes good since to me.