Killing time

So on tuesday I have a 5 hour break, you know how hard it is to kill 5 hours, and you wold think I would use this time to work on Homework and Projects, yes yes I do, but that only fills up about 2 hours of work. Well I could work on my site, Nope cant do that, stupid school is now using a new proxy system that blocks everything so can edit my site. Damn Proxy. Well still have 8 minutes to kill I need something to talk about, how about that I really have nothing to talk about. Oh wait. So I bought Cabrinie the 5 Book Set of Harry Potter for her Birthday, ordered it online from Indigo, she opens it last night and one of the books is missing the sleve and it has a hole in the cover, what he hell, it was sealed in plastic, so that means it was a manufacturing error. Damn people dont even know how to make books. So now I have to send it back and wait for another shipment. Damn. Oh what is with Canada Post, I had to send a package to Sask, it was going to cost 6.25$ for 7 days standard, but it was only going to cost 6.50$ for next day Express. Something doesnt seem right about that. Hey look I have made the most messed up paragraph ever, I didnt even folloe any rules. Take that. Ok still got 5 minutes to kill. Somebody quick tell me something. Oh how about the fact I have a lab that was due on Friday, that the teacher only gave us 2 hours to do but really needed 2 weeks to finish, so I got the database diagram completed and today I wrote out all the discriptions of the relationships, and the Cordinality, and Identifications and Entities and so on. Oh welll Maybe I should log off now. I want everyone to write something really stupid and log as a comment for this one.

One thought on “Killing time

  1. Hackboy

    I had a dog that ate cheese… that’s all he did was eat cheese. Then his face fell off, so we injected cheese into him and he was fixed. In the end, my dog was 500 pounds and died of a cheese attack…

    End stupid comment.