The Shake Up

New venture coming soon, keep an eye out for it. Our first exposure will be Front and Back cover of a magazine, plus 2 inside spreads. With more to follow. If you haven’t caught on, JINCS is a new joint venture between ClearGate Communications and OpenEnergy Sources to produce media content including multimedia, web, and print.

JINCS (pronounced jin_xs)

Also I am moving everything under the ClearGate Communications banner. So hosting will still be handled by ReCkMedia, but the parent company is now CGC, which does mean that GST will now have to be charged on evertones orders.

So if you have been following this is the breakdown.

Parent Company
– ClearGate Communications (CGC)
Main Business – Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) consultation and technology/communication analyst.
Product lines which fall under CGC- JINCS(Media), VOICE(CMS), ReCkMedia(Hosting)


OpenEnergy Sources (Green power systems) joint venture to form JINCS

So you may be asking when do I have time for anything, well I don’t last week I have a total of 10 sleep over a span of 5 days, and this week looks to be forming the same way. But hopefully soon this insane work ethic will pay off.