It has arrived

Well the day has finally come when a liter of regular gas is now the same as a liter of water. Though water itself is highly over priced, gas is not going for 89 and even higher in some parts of this country. The industry blames it on the blackout and a pipe line burst in Arizona. But wait why are the prices high in western Canada when it is pumped and refined here. Why would we have a shortage here. Its not like we import our gas from Sarnia. And if we do that is a hell of a long way to import gas. So the oil industry is lying again. And try to prove it, each year the competition board investigates and finds that the oil industry is not doing anything illegal. But wait why would they want to stop these higher prices, the governemnt of Albeta alone will pull in an additional 150 million dollars for every 10 cents a barrel of oil is above 23$ They have no incentive to make the oil industry lower the price.

So it time to start using peddle power again.

One thought on “It has arrived

  1. Hackboy

    Your gas is going for 79.5 -3.5 so 76 cents. My only guess is that you export so much gas that you dont leave enough for youselves. Thus, the lower supply and reasonably high demand cause high prices.