Iron Chef

We have all seen Iron Chef, and if you haven’t you should watch it. I know I know it is a cooking show, but it has to be one of the most funny shows on TV. But guess what, Food Network US has now decided that they are going to make Iron Chef America. Come on, why kill an already great show, so what it was dubbed, that is what made it funny, and great to watch. Now we get stupid american values and ignorance mixed into a chef challenge. Someone has to stop making all these damn reality shows. There are some really good ones out there, that doesnt mean we need more.

5 thoughts on “Iron Chef

  1. Hackboy

    That’s what American TV is all about though, ruining anything that’s good.

  2. Cabrinie

    Hey now, that’s not fair. They ruin everything, not just TV. (no I still don’t have any weapons of mass destruction or oil hidden anywhere, I don’t even drive a car, so leave me alone US military.)

  3. Hackboy

    But you showed me it… I saw IT… remember… You told me not to speak of “IT”…..

  4. ReCk

    Ive got a weapon of mass destruction for her.

  5. Cabrinie

    Boy, your cut.