Im Back

OK I know I have been away from some time, well basically because it was exam time, and the fact that there have been some really huge issues with the sites I host.

Well I am back, everyone’s sites are back up and working great and every user now has their own control panel for they can add and delete their own email accounts. Took a bit of work been doing since 9 this morning restoring everyone’s sites, the worst part was the databases, had to export the databases from my original site rename them, delete them off the server, change the DNS information, then recreate the database and user info, import the tables into the new database and change all the config files that go along with it. But its all done, all files were backuped 3 times over a 2 hour period to make sure that I had sufficient copies in case there were errors.

It all comes done to that fact that most my users use FrontPage to access and edit their sites, which is fine, I give that ability. But it seems with the version of Apache that my supplier uses and how FrontPage extensions interact with the server; whenever someone uploads their site using FrontPage and FTP it causes an error in some of the .conf files. I know I know, how does using FTP and FrontPage affect the .conf files, I don’t know but it is an issue that arises.

I promise I will get back to posting, I’m on break for the next week so I should have a lot of time to finally add the post that I have been neglecting.

5 thoughts on “Im Back

  1. Cabrinie

    Nine this mornin’ eh?

  2. Hackboy

    About time…. Jeebus.

  3. Hackboy

    Wow you ARE posting like mad…..

  4. ReCk

    Dude I have had the week from hell.

  5. Hackboy

    I’m just fuckin with you.