I Need A Phone, But Where is The Wires

Well over the last few months Calgary has expanded greatly, but you would think that the phone company would be keeping up with the expansion. Hell No!. Telus says that they do not have enough lines to give everyone a phone. What are they saying that they do not have enough switching stations to give everyone a phone. Wait, why cant they just add one more switch to the central station, is that to hard. Telus has said that it can take up to 18 months before they can get some people phone service. The best part is, that the area that this is happening, has no Cell Phone Tower, so they cant even get a cell phone. What the hell is Telus doing, beside over charging for a crappy service. I want Bell back, when I lived in Quebec if you had a problem your phone there would be a Bell truck at your door within 4 hours. There was no problem with not having enough lines. Wait Montreal a city of roughly 4 million has no problem with phones, but Calgary a city of not even 1 million ( 955 000) can’t provide enough services. They are starting to sound like Shaw. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Even Cable TV in Quebec is better, check this outVideotron Illico why cant Shaw provide this service. Wait there is more check out the internet Cable I just think Telus and Shaw need a good kick in the ass.

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    Are they giving you money……. they are aren’t they, poor boy? I guess you need some after you spent a fortune on that laptop