Hide From Shaw

The way I have it set up Shaw doesnt even know om on the network. Its true, I was talking to a tech a few weeks and he was telling me that he cant even see my modem, I love it. For everyone out there here is how you hide your modem from shaw.

Things you need.

Shaw cable modem (doesnt matter which one)
Motorola digital terminal
Electroline Signal Booster (just tell shaw you have a weak signal they will install this puppy)
Hardware Firewall
NAT box

First connect your main line to the booster then from the booster to the DTS box then from the DTS box to your modem, then from the modem to a router, from router to NAT box, and make sure to block all incoming request. And that is it, for some reason Shaws system cant see the Modem through the DTS box, plus if they ping you, the NAT box just has no reponse ( i know the firewall can also do this but I use it for just that much more protection). Its great it just looks like there is a IP being used by a ghost. And there is nothing shaw can do about it.

So if you have the time and money, and dont want shaw bugging you anymore about Acceptable Usuage Policy try this system, since I have been in Calgary i have not reeived one Email telling me to cool it down.

One more thing, MSBlast was not able to get through this setup either, I tried it with my desktop when i reinstalled, I left it open for 2 days and nothing, Dont worry its patched now.

One thought on “Hide From Shaw

  1. Hackboy

    I gotta try this, see if it really works.. heheh