Hello Everyone

I have been neglecting this site for some time now; I now have one less obligation on my plate so I should have time to get back to making this site. Eventually I will get this back to its glory of me complaining about everything and everyone, especially since the US election is coming up.

Dont get to used to this design style, the main page will be getting a custom graphic I am working on. And the style will change so there is a uniform style accross each page.

7 thoughts on “Hello Everyone

  1. Xceros

    you.. you removed my link. that wasnt very nice 🙁

  2. Jason

    Ahhh do you feel left out…

  3. Cabrinie


  4. Cabrinie

    If you mean what I think you mean then you are mean. And I have choice words for that.

  5. Jason

    I never said if I was happy or not without this obligation. But of course since you are a women you would take the word Obligation to a whole new meaning.

  6. Kevan

    You two, don’t make me stop this car!

  7. Jason

    STOP IT, PLEASE STOP IT. Let her out.