Have Lots of RAM, Use It

***Windows XP ONLY***

Ok when I oringinally read this it suggested anyone with 256 or higher, but I think that is a little low to be making this change. So if you are running more than 512 you may want to try this edit. This edit, makes Windows use all your RAM before going to the swap file. You should see an increase in load times for games and large files.

01. RUN – msconfig
02. System.ini tab
03. 386enh Section
04. Add this line

Make sure to reboot.

3 thoughts on “Have Lots of RAM, Use It

  1. Hackboy

    Ohhhhhhh geek posts! I gotta try these out when I get home……… if I want my computer to explode!!!

  2. ReCk

    Currently im running this edit on my laptop, and i noticed that boot times went from about 28 seconds to 21, not a big difference but still noticeable. Also loading levels in Call for Duty seem to be loading much faster.

  3. Cabrinie

    Y’all need some help okay, talk about normal people things, like pickles