Grow Up West

Who do you think is most responsible for the Conservatives’ failure to win enough seats to form a government?

Eastern voters 715 votes (31 %)
Liberal campaign 105 votes (5 %)
Outspoken Conservative MPs 190 votes (8 %)
Ralph Klein 474 votes (21 %)
Stephen Harper 273 votes (12 %)
The media 83 votes (4 %)
All of the above 388 votes (17 %)
None of the above 48 votes (2 %)

This is what the local TV station asked Calgarian’s yesterday. Talk about being a little one sided. Throughout the campaign, local TV and newspapers, were totally one sided. What happened to the day when the news was not biased? The only way I got true news was my subscription to the Globe and Mail. The Calgary Herald was the biggest bigot throughout this campaign, every single one of their articles was pro- Conservative.

After living here for more than a year now, I started asking myself how the hell Albertans get news that isn’t Conservative propaganda, and the answer I found was they don’t. Every local TV station, radio station, and newspaper was pro Conservative. Albertans never see the other side of the story, now I know where the mythical Western Alienation comes from, they produce it themselves.

Watch for in the coming months, I am going to be looking into this so called Western Alienation, cause from my view it is all in there heads.

Also keep a look out for the rest of my articles on this topic, I have so many in the works its not funny.

5 thoughts on “Grow Up West

  1. Cabrinie

    Or you could like start a rock collect instead. Then you could talk about your rock collection, everybody would love it.

  2. Cliff

    Sorry, but you have no clue what your talking about Alberta is the ONLY!!! province to make money, yet we have no say in this country and Ralph Klien has 74 out of 83 seats in this province, its about time that Alberta gets out of this stink whole so that our budge grows by 160 billion dollars that the federal goverment steals from us every year

  3. ReCk

    So Canada is a stink hole eh? If Alberta has so much money why is it that you pay more in taxes than everyone else in this country. Why is it that Kleins only two suggestions to improving the health care in this province involve setting high taxes. I can rememeber his election promise from a decade ago that Albertans would be tax free, well that went right out the window you now pay more taxes per capital than the rest of the country. You have the least amount of hospital beds per capital of North America. Your two main tourrist attraction that bring billions of dollars into this province are owed by the Federal government.

    Klein has lied to this public for to long and im glad that his popularity has fallen below 60%. It is time for poeple to start questioning Klein, since he lies everytime he is at the podium.

  4. Kevan

    When I moved here I tried to tell people how expensive it was, I was used to Toronto prices and things like food, health, electronics were all more money here. But no one would except it, the locals are soo programed to think they have it good they refuse to listen to other points of view. If they knew how badly they are treated by their government and media we would have a revolution. But they will not listen and so you get people blindly following their leaders into foolishness

  5. ReCk

    I spent most of my life in Montreal, and I lived through two referundums. Nothing good will come from Alberta trying to seperate.

    And Kevan is right, everything is so much more expensive here. Besides the fact I can’t find any good places to eat. Except Salt Lik’s. But in genereal produce is twice as expensive as I used to pay.