Got Me Laptop

Yea I am making this post from my laptop. ow you read the story about what it took to get it today. Well I got back from school, and noticed that a note from Purolator saying that that I could pick up my package after 6:00, so I got my sister to bring me over, so we drive all the way to the warehouse. After 20 minutes they come back and told me that the package is already back in the automation system and that they can’t get it back. So I go all the way back and there is a message from Purolator saying that they found my package, so I take the van and drive all the way back to the waregouse and get my package.

So I open the box and for the fun of it I started the laptop to see if it was charged, and to my surprise it had a full charge. Damn this thing is fast, to bad only 2 poeple in my neighbourhood have wireless networks but im too far away to get a good signal.

Well I really should head to bed I have to attend 2 math classes tomorrow, one advance and one intro that I dont actually have to go to, but since it has been a few years since I have attended any math classes.

Good night people.

5 thoughts on “Got Me Laptop

  1. Brenden

    Finally you can stop your bitching. I’d laugh so hard if it died on you half way through school today.

  2. Brenden

    But wait, then if it died there would be MUCH more bitching… so hold on. Maybe it doesnt die, I just dont know anymore, Im at a crossroads here.

  3. ReCk

    How about you get hit by a car on your way home…

  4. Brenden

    Wow, I didn’t realize a laptop was more valuable than a human life to you. That’s crazy. But hey, whatever kills your laptop, I’m all for…. 🙂

  5. Kristy

    You two are both freaks.