Well I got a Gmail account today, Thanks Josh. I haven’t see anything special about this account yet, I really don’t need one I have 3GB of server space to mess around with. Though when they give me some invites I will be given out 3 to anyone that can make me laugh. Doesn’t matter how you do it, just find a way to make me laugh and you will get a Gmail invite.

“Death is the outcome of failure”

5 thoughts on “GMAIL

  1. kevan

    don’t know if you will laugh or cry (I alternate) — my sex life

  2. Hackboy

    pfffffft. I have seven of those bastard invites brewing in my inbox. I’m going to undercut Jason, just contact me and I’ll send you one. No laughing required.

  3. Jason


  4. samuelkoomson

    please i want u people to send me the latest mail so that i can read so that i will understand please am sure u people will do so for me good

  5. Jason

    Well that was wierd.