FP EXT Problems

OK everyone, if your site is hosted on my server, there is a servere problem with FP EXT. I have the support team working on it but for the mean time it seems you wil have some difficulties accessing your site through FrontPage. I have been making hour-by-hour backups to make sure everyones databases are up to date. I will post more information as I get it. Sorry for the problem.

3 thoughts on “FP EXT Problems

  1. Cabrinie

    Okay now explain that so I can understand what this means. And like gesh, get to fixin’ it like right now.

  2. Hackboy

    These and many other reasons why I wouldn’t host my site on Reckmedia…

  3. Cabrinie

    Aw, comon’ now, I wouldn’t have a chance to ramble and babble at all if I didn’t have this.