So, after reading the articles on how poeple should not use IE for security reasons, I decided I would give Mozilla one more fair chance. So I installed Firebird. Right off the bat I find it much slower than IE, load times of the app itself are about 4 times longer than IE. Loading pages seems to take forever. And dont get me going on damn plugin. Every damn page I go has that little sysmble telling me to install a new plugin. I will continue using Firebird for awhile but I still think that if Mozilla wants to be more successful they need to make this browser faster. Plus this whole standard compliance crap, I have visit some sites and they look like crap cause the broswer is not places things in the right spot. Even has some layout issues with this browser. loads so messed up that i have to refrsh the page a few times before it finally displays.

Now you cant blame the slowness on my computer. Pentium M 1.3Ghz 768MB RAM.

But to be fair I will use Firebird until it totally pisses me off.

4 thoughts on “Firebird

  1. Hackboy

    I personally don’t find a difference in load times between Mozilla and IE. Mind you I’ve never tried Firebird. There is a difference in the way the pages are loaded, but that’s about it. I’m also quite sure that IE is like the only browser that isn’t standard compliant. Compliance rules, you know the page is being displayed the way it was meant to be displayed.

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