Extreme High Speed Internet

Ok so Shaw finally released there new High Speed Internet, I do not have it but I’m not sure if it’s worth the extra money.

Here is a breakdown of what each of the 3 major cable companies’ offer for High Speed.

Shaw (BC, Alberta, Sask. Man.)

54$ a month plus modem rental. Add 10$ a month
# 5 Mb download speed
# 1 Mb upload speed
# 8GB monthly usage limit.

Rogers (Ontario)

54$ a month plus modem rental. Add 10$ a month
# 5 Mb download speed
# 800 Kbps upload speed

Videotron (Quebec)
69$ a month. Modem included.
# 4.5 Mb download speed
# 900 Kbps upload speed
# 10 hours dial-up included
# no limit on usage

So for 70$ a month you can download to your heart content in Quebec, for 64$ a month in the west you get great speeds but still the Nazi limit. And in Ontario, same as the west. I think I would pay the extra 6$ to get unlimited downloading.

It still gets me that the cable infrastructure is capable of such higher speed than the cable companies are allowing. The theoretical top speed of cable is 22Mbps why don’t they try to get it to there. Web sites are now becoming larger and more complex and require much more bandwidth; I really don’t see the problem with letting the average home user to have the fastest possible speed.

Add on a side note, the month of May was the first time since I’ve been on Shaw that they didn’t call and ask what the hell I’ve been downloading. Record 193GB down, 92GB up. That was a good month.

3 thoughts on “Extreme High Speed Internet

  1. Hackboy

    Wow… that’s a lot of downloading.

    I am going to get the extreme speed when I move out, so yea, I’ll let you know exactly how ‘extreme’ it is.

  2. anarchos

    Actually, talking with Shaws Acceptable Use Policy the other day (they shut me down again for too much bandwidth usage), they told me that the bandwidth limit is 50gigs, which would bring our average usage to just over twice as much as the stated maximum.

  3. ReCk

    when i askes them they told me there is no set limit but it is mostly based on the average of the neighbourhood. But they also said the average was 8GB which i do in email.