Screen1 – 800×600 Graphic Detail Low
Screen2 – 800×600 Graphic Detail Medium
Screen3 – 1024×768 Graphic Detail Ultra – This really killed my system. The Ultra setting is meant for video cards with 512MB of ram

Screen Shot, on a Dell 600M, 1.6 PentiumM, 768MB, Radeon 9000 64MB.

Well I got to say even running Doom3 on my laptop at low settings, it ran pretty damn good, the full lighting effects are working and damn does it look good. I only got to play for about 10 minutes then my laptops cpu stepped down due to over heating which made the game unplayable. [Side Note – PentiumM’s when stepping down erase all instructions in that it is currently working on, which in most cases causes the program to crash. This only happens when the system does a force step down due to heat. Normal dynamic stepping does not have this problem. ] But I got to say this game is not like any game I’ve ever played, you really get startled sometimes from things just suddenly comming out of the dark and eating you. If you get a chance get out there and buy this game. Doom 3 $59.98

4 thoughts on “Doom3

  1. kevan

    thanks for the pictures, it looks good, the same sort of feel as the first one. How does it play, is the same sort of solutions etc?

    It looks like things are closer to you quicker?

  2. Jason

    Gameplay is much faster, in the old game you would see things coming for you, but now things come out of the shadows, break out of walls, vents, stairs. So in most attacks you will get injured in the first few seconds. Gameplay is fast and unpredictable. You start looking at every panel and every vent to see if it is moving or if you can hear something breathing. I would recommend this game to everyone if your system can handle it.

  3. Kyla

    Hey, you mook, email me and help me out. Please, please, please. Or I’ll just keep doing this! please, please, please!

  4. Jason

    Wow that is an interesting reponse to Doom 3.