Why is it that people can’t understand that you need to make room for people to get off the train? I ride the train everyday to get to school and for some odd reason people on the platform find the need to stand directly in front of the doors, so when you try to get off you have to fight your way through the crowd of idiots standing in the way. How hard is it to stay 5 feet back of the doors and wait for everyone to get off? Out of all the people that stand in front of the doors, the old degenerates of society are the worst. They will just stand there and leave no room for you to get off. The best part if the look they give, that you are in their way. And when you finally get off the damn train, you then have to fight your way through the people try to go through the doors to get in the terminal. Why is it so hard for people to make one line and go through the door? Nope they find the need to squeeze 3 or 4 at one time. All these people would die in Toronto and Montreal instead of just a few hundred at one time, there is thousands of people getting off and on. And you know what you don’t see people standing in the doorways or squeezing through doors. Everyone knows about Metro Rules. I wish Calgarians would learn it. And to finish this one off. Why is it so hard for people waiting at a bus stop to form a line to get on the bus? It seems whoever can cut each other off is the way you are supposed to get on. It just pisses me off how people act in this city. I can’t wait till I’m gone. I thought Winnipeg was bad but Calgarians might take the spot soon.

2 thoughts on “DIE

  1. Hackboy

    Don’t lie to me, Winnipeg is the worst and you know it. If we had any type of train transportation here it would have ignited on fire long ago.

  2. ReCk

    What from all the drunks playing with matches