Dell Redeems Themselves! Maybe!

I got a call today from the sales person that sold me the Laptop, he called to inform me what is happening with the rest of my order. It seems that they changed the sku numbers on some products and that is why my order was delay, to the people packing my box, it showed that there was no product by the sku, they did not know that the numbers had changed. So everything is worked out and I should have my stuff this week. But the sales person also told me that is I ever have problems I should call him directly not Customer Service cause they don’t know anything. 🙂 oh well.

Well my sister is in Montreal for the next week and left me her car, so now I can actually go places, but there is not really anywhere I want to go. Maybe to buy a Wacom tablet, I want to eliminate paper completely so I figure I could do all my work on the laptop and even all the hand writing stuff on the tablet, and just email it in. But the tablet is 150$ and I’m not sure if I’m ready to spend that much money right now since I already spent way to much on this laptop.

Also I was messing with Bryce 5 on my laptop today, and it runs pretty damn well I was surprised. Here is my first render.
First Render
Trans Warp World

Clouds Of Healing
Clouds Of Healing
Make Me Money