Dell Pocket DJ Review

So I have had a chance to use my Dell Pocket DJ for a few days now. It has been great at the gym, makes killing myself more pleasant since now I can do it to 5GB of music. Interestingly enough this is a micro drive and should be susceptible to some skipping, but I haven’t had any problems. Even after 10 minutes on the treadmill, not one skip.

One thing I really do not like is the ear buds that came with it, the connector is just to flimsy and pops out way too easily.

One bonus was the software, I have to give it to Dell, I have owned a Sony MiniDisc and the unit itself was great I loved it, but the damn software which took 45 minutes to install was the biggest piece of crap. But the Dell software call Explorer DJ, basically adds functionality to Windows Explorer and gives you the ability to drag and drop songs and edit groups of songs at once, create play lists, and does a great job of sorting.

Overall I like this little player, it may be called a Pocket DJ but it actually is a Creative Micro Zen just re-branded, with some features turned off, but apparently there is a firmware hack that can fix that. I cannot complain I paid 219$ for it (on sale 279$ regular) It has met all my expectations. With more use I will get a real feel for its battery life, it is supposed to last 12 hours, but I can’t tell yet it seems to run for ever when the battery is down to none.

So if you are looking for a no frills music player, compact, and weighs nothing, think about the Dell Pocket DJ.