Dell Has No Clue

So I have my laptop, but I still don’t have all my accessories. I called Dell today to find out when I would get them, they said they don’t know when they can send it out because they don’t know what is back ordered or if anything is back-ordered. THey gave me two options cancel the order and re order again, or wait. Either way I don’t have the products I bought. Hey what do I care they can’t start charging me for the laptop until I get my full order. So as long as they mess around I have a free laptop. DAMNIT DELL GET WITH IT.

2 thoughts on “Dell Has No Clue

  1. Hackboy

    It seems that most people I talk to dont have good experiences with Dell. They are always dropping the ball somewhere, they are just too damn big and cant care about the little guy anymore.

  2. archos

    But if your a huge company they give great support. or so i’m told