Defrag Defrag – Ya Defrag This

I have a raid stripe 0 setup with 2 of 4 hard drives, but I use the raid drives for all my programs, my OS is on another drive and all my docs are on the 4th drive, but I also use the raid array to save my backups from 2 desktops and one server, I know I Know its not the best place to keep backups but its the fastest way for me. But to get to the point after each backup each day, I check my drives to see how much fragmentation has occurred from daily usage. Well from backups along I end up with almost 80% fragmentation on the raid array. You know how long it takes to defrag 80GB on raid, you would think it would go fast, hello no, its doing 4 times the amount of work than a regular single drive would do since it has to copy from one to the other and back and fourth till the fragmentation is on. It can take up to an hour to defrag that array. But hey anything is better than how long Windows 98 took to defrag, on a 20GB drive it could take a few days if there were services running. But I done ranting for now, I might have something later.