Damn You Alberta

What can I say; once again the citizens of Alberta have disappointed me again. For those that know me I am not a big supporter of the Alberta Progressive Conservative party, but this is just ridiculous this time. 37 years, i repeat it has been 37 years of the same government, the same platform. Ed Stelmach ran on what he called a platform of “Change” how can you run on a platform of change if you are following the same ides of the previous governments for the last 37 years.

Don’t get me wrong the other parties did not step up to the plate, but it is time for something to happen.

My first grip is with Albertans in general this 2008 Election made history for being the lowest voter turnout in history. Way to go Alberta, way to stand up for what you believe.

Grip number 2, Alberta’s’ population is just over 3 million people, but has 83 seats, 83 freaking seats. And it’s not even proportional representation, its let’s give the rural regions who make up very little of the population the most seats and give the cities just enough to keep them quiet.

Grip 3. 37 years, yes there have been bad years, but with the value of the natural resources in Alberta even a freaking monkey could have balanced the budget, even a rat could have paid off the debt. But coming from a Alberta born, and left the province for lack of services, dismal education, low pay for anyone outside the oil industry. And for the largest group of racist, ignorant groups i have ever seen.

I am so tired of the stupidity that I see coming from Alberta, wake up and smell the damn flowers Alberta, you are so blind to what is going on that you cannot see that your province is imploding on itself. You need thousands of doctors, but the PCs’ make room for 50 more doctors. You need thousands of nurses but still have not increased the amount seat available in schools. Schools barely have enough money to pay the bills, a NE hospital is going through a 100 million dollar expansion but it will sit empty because there will not be enough doctors and nurses to staff it. The Calgary ring road is 30 years behind schedule.

You want a perfect example of how Albertans think. The 1984 Olympics, a LRT system was built to bring people to the venues. But the largest venue C.O.P. , does not even have a LRT station near it.

I am so infuriated this evening. Alberta you want change. Stop thinking of today, plan for tomorrow.

One thought on “Damn You Alberta

  1. Tracy

    Amen brother. I have many choice words for my fellow Albertans, they all bitch about health, education, transportation and various services then have the opportunity to have a say in what happens and perhaps oh I don’t know make a change and then they don’t bleeping vote. ARGGGGG! Well I voted, cuz well politics is my thing education and all, and who knew but the Liberal candidate for my riding actually won by about 100 votes, so yes my vote counted. Backward ass Albertans, all the money they could ever need sitting up north and the goddamn government not using it properly, lets but more money in funds for a rainy day. Dammit wake up its freaking pooring. Can you tell we come from a politically conscious family.

    The Sister