Ok so last week I bought myself a Mac Mini got the mid level one with the 1.42 Ghz G4 and Combo Drive. I know I know it’s a Mac, but I bought it to make all my presentations, since I was getting tired of PowerPoint. And since I have my Senior Project EXPO this week I thought making a great looking presentation would give me an edge. And by the way WE WON, thanks to Laciee for all her work.

But back to the point, I have been experimenting with programming languages and I decided to try out Ruby and AJAX, but to get these going take a bit of work, I found this How-To for OS X but I didn’t think it would take me an afternoon to get this installed. What is with all the damn compiling that takes for ever, why can the UNIX and Linux community learn that if you want acceptance you need to make 1 click installs. Not endless command line crap that gives so many errors that really do not tell you what went wrong.

But I have to say I like my little MacMini, wish it had a G5 in it cause I do find it slower then my laptop, and I really wish there was more OS feedback when things are happening, cause it just stops responding then it comes back but you really dont know what it was doing. Also Apple please put a much more silent DVD drive in these cause that is damn loud.

But for everyone that is thinking of a new computer, wait until the MacTels (Mac’s with Intel) are out cause the OS X operating System is great but right now the hardware is lacking which should be fixed when the MacTels are out.

One thought on “Damn UNIX – WE WON – MacMINI

  1. byron

    when is microsoft going to learn that if they want acceptance as a server OS, they are going to need the ability to install and configure all services and applications from the command line. None of this click here, scroll down to here click this menu, then this tab, then go into this dialog and click the seventh tab and the forth option, unless you have version 2.4 of the software in which case you want the eighth tab and the third option.