ClearGate Communications

I know I know, you are going to say “another one”.

Well let me introduce ClearGate Communications, this new venture is a co-production of myself and Kyla Bruns. Let me guess you are all asking yourselves “what have I gotten myself into this time?”. Well this time, we are a Fixed Wireless Solutions Provider, ya I know its a mouth full. Since there are so many small towns in this great country of ours, Kyla and myself decided it was time to fill the need of broadband access to rural communities. But isn’t that expensive? Well yes it is, but will some new wireless technologies coming out on the market it’s really not that bad, about 1/10th the cost of wired solutions, and we can provide VOIP service at no additional charge (as of yet, we still have to work out pricing). “But how” well I can thank Joshua for this one, he introduced me to a town that was looking for something like this, so as I always do, I found the solutions, though with the recent change over in government in that area, the plans were put on hold. But the need is still there, and this is where Kyla and myself come in, after much research and data analysis, we will be travelling the countryside pitching our design and product to as many communities as we can. So look in the next few years, you might be getting your service from ClearGate Communications.

And yes I am fully aware of the shameless promotion I just did here.

2 thoughts on “ClearGate Communications

  1. Cabrinie

    Good luck you 2 !

  2. Hackboy

    Is this one going to actually go through? Or are you going to design the site, then redesign it…. then make changes to the redesign? Then it’ll disappear from the face of the earth?

    Just curious…

    I hope you’re serious about this though, it’s a good idea.