Chapter 2

Chapter 2

We last left off with Table Rockers birthday, not much has happened since then, it has been two weeks and really not much has happened in this little universe of mine, well there has been stuff but due to censorship you will never know. But I can say that the word pickle now has a totally different meaning. To who said pickle “I am still confused over that one”. But I guess life in general is just progressing, daily events that do not need mentioning, the but there have been a few moments.

We cannot forget that Little Mermaid decided to wear jeans that had a nice big hole in the ass, which she didn’t that showed too much, but actually left nothing to the imagination. As for all the people around the Sears parking lot yes that was Little Mermaid who yelled that out. I must say it was a nice view, made my day. But ill probably get the traditional hit for saying that but you know what that is okay. Some things need to be said and need to be suffered by the consequences.

Not much else has happened, but these last few weeks were not a total waste. I did have one night that was one of the most interesting nights I have had in awhile. But do to censorship I cannot say what went on but I can say that, it was a great evening with a more unusual after party. But I think that it shall work in the end no matter how the outcome ends up. Some things in this world need to have a risk factor to them and others just need to be left alone. In this case though I believe that if it were to be left alone it would be a big mistake, so bring on the risk, and what it entails.

It may seem that certain information may look a certain way, but only who is involved really know the story behind this. But as for what the future holds, well that rest in the arms of another. That actually is a very unsettling, to have ones future decided by someone else is not a situation that can be well appreciated. I say future but hey it could be the present I don’t know, in actuality it really doesn’t matter. But I think that what has happened and what could happen are worth the torture. It may sound sadistic but some things just need to be enjoyed for there pure torture. But you never know the torture may be what I am enjoying about the situation. Or is it that throughout my travels I have become very good at viewing what is for what it is, and not what it should be. But I can say that from province to province I have met some very interesting people and this may be one of the most interesting situations I have been in, in awhile. If only one thing comes from this experience I know it will be a memory that cannot be forgotten.

This seems a little short for covering two weeks but what can I say not much has happened. As the usual it is always about Flare, for some reason the world revolves around him. Table Rocker has behaved for the most part. Oh we cannot forget the minds games that are surrounding Tiny Dancer, but do to censorship he will never know the truth.

I can not believe how much I have censored here, normally I would write out everything, but this time I do not want to make the world totally knowledgeable of this situation maybe in due time, but as it stands this is the best I can do.

So I end this Undead by saying that, only what has been lost can be remembered for what it has given.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. Hackboy

    That was worse than an edited movie on TBS. You kinda know what’s happening but all the good parts are censored out, so it just sucks.

  2. ReCk

    Ya doesnt that just make it that much more fun to read.