Chapter 1


Little info to catch everyone up. This novel starts from November 3rd second semester, and only includes events that happen between the characters of the novel and may included interactions with characters to third parties.

Current Characters

ReCk, Little Mermaid, Flare, Tiny Dancer, Batman, Table Rocker, BC High, The Communist

Chapter 1

The week started off like every other week, simple classes, simple intros, but what makes this venture a little different is the access to used material, you would think that getting used materials would be easy but when it comes to a little book with a simple title of Operations Management it turns into the largest Easter egg hunt ever. But as more and more cave to the evils of the store from hell, I ask myself is it worth it to dive into an evil that surround this little book. Days have passed and even the early risers still cannot get there hands on this piece of intellectual property. It doesn’t seem fair that persons have to gamble with the evils to get what should be in true form free.

As we move on through the ages, actually a few days forward what ever comes first. The info has started to flow and the opinions are being generated, and the values of once are being re evaluated to allow what is now to be. Only what we know can be placed into what we will learn, the simples of being in a room of four walls with a dictator at the front can only be enjoyed by the few whom dear to cave to the evils of the Finance center.

The long day for a few has now gone, but still remains as a reminder that days that follow will be torturous and may involve interactions with individuals that may what to hit you. You only know true tickle after you have met the fiery of the Little Mermaid. Even the by-stander knows what it is like to be engaged by the tickle. Introductions to the rest may help on this journey, maybe entities will be interacted with and some will cause the joy and vigor that is required to keep the candle lit and others will use the will to extinguish the flame the burns brightly in all of us. As individuals hear about this new life to text experience, names may change, attitudes may alter.

The access to used material continues to be the largest battle of good and evil, the last day of class schedule brings a new evil of the materials being sold out. How can this be, how can the evils of the store not have the supreme evil known as Operations Management. Something is not right with the world on this day, something just seems a little off to be considered normal. Maybe this evil can be resolved this night as people meet to celebrate the day of birth of Table Rocker.

So the venture to find this place called O’Salavans was now upon us, if you ever need to go somewhere do not ask the Little Mermaid for instructions, it can be the death of you. After the trip around the medians a few times we finally arrived at this place where people meet. But only after one half of an hour the decision was made that is was time to change locations. It seems that bad karaoke can really put a curse on a night. So we all packed up and moved along to some place called Woody’s, you would think that following a person to another location would be easy, but as only one person knew the way and everyone else was following it became more of a cat and mouse game. I was the last in line with Little Mermaid who was paranoid that I was going to crash into the Communist, but really what would it matter if one more Commy was gone, his life is a joke anyway.

So the final arrival at the new location had come and it was time to get Table Rocker to enjoy her day of birth. The challenge starts off with a purchase of a Muff Diver, (hopefully the pictures will soon come). This event was a messy one and evolved some clean up. But the experience only really started when Flare and Tiny Dancer showed up and became the round of endless fluids for the Table Rocker. But the party only really truly became a celebration when the Lesbianism and Gayness started wait that sounds a little wrong, but hey it happened. Little Mermaid and Table Rocker were trying to get Flare’s rocks off by pretending to be lesbians; it made for some interesting viewing from my angle. But for Flare it seemed he had just hit cloud nine and was just enjoying himself a little too much. And for the gayness I’m really not sure how that one came to be, I think two conversion that were totally unrelated got mixed into each other and all of a sudden the topic was Flare pounding Tiny dancer, I will not go into this too much cause really I don’t want to think about, really do any of you.

But events throughout the evening continued to happen; we have the ice cubes in Little Mermaids pants which we all know she really enjoyed. Well at least I enjoyed placing them down her pants. Wow a lot happened around Little Mermaid, her attempt at playing the game of darts was priceless, but it was also a blast to watch the Communist try to through these little missiles. But I think the Commy was it his glory when he had the pleasure of having the Little Mermaid sit on his lap, there was supposed to be a face lick in that but it didn’t happen, but he did leave soon after, so maybe his night was just beginning.

Well we were disappointed by Table Rocker we didn’t get the spectacle that we were looking for; she didn’t live up to her name, the tables were sturdy enough for her to perform her act, but as I was not there for the first act a few weeks back I’m missing out. But I guess since it was her big night and she was trying not to be overcome from the effects from the alcohol, but that was not easy since they just kept appearing in front of her at an alarming rate. But it seemed that she enjoyed them.

Well not much else happened that night or if it did it is escaping my intellect at this moment. My evening ended by driving the Little Mermaid home, which is a bit of a challenge since in this city I have no clue where I’m going but it was not that bad of a ride, it only took half an hour to get home, plus the little detour to show the now drunk Little Mermaid how close I actually lived to her. And the evening ended by the hug.

*** So that was the first chapter of The Undead, I realize that it took a major turn in style but hey you try to write everything is metaphor and cryptography. ***

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