Evil Google?

On the most recent This Week in Tech their first news article was about the ad that was broadcasted in New York cities Time-Square. Scroll down to see video. This video was created by the Consumer Watchdog (click to read their article) to try and get the public to understand the power that Google currently has over your info.  But really only a select few will actually understand this video. Not too many people know the name Eric Schmidt and even fewer know that he is one of the CEOs of Google. So how effective is this video if your audience has no clue what is going on.

If you dig deeper into this, you might be able to make the conclusion that this is just a retaliation for something Google did to the Consumer Watchdog back in  February 2009. Read this article from Cad Metz titled Google seeks starvation of growling watchdog (semi-)apology for money-snuffing missive.

–Require the creation of an “anonymous button” that allows individuals to stop anyone from tracking their online searches or purchases: 86% favor; 9% oppose.
— Ban the collection of any personal data on children under the age of 18:  84% favor; 10% oppose.
— Prevent online companies from tracking personal information or web searches without your explicit, written approval: 84% favor; 11% oppose.
— Ban online companies from tracking and storing information related to children’s online behavior so they can target them with advertising:  83% favor;  12% oppose.
— Require the creation of a “do not track me” list for online companies that would be administered by the Federal Trade Commission: 80% favor; 12% oppose.

– Quote from Consumer Watchdog

Did you read that quote carefully, I hope you did cause it just shows how much the Consumer Watchdog does not understand about the internet. First they want a anonymous button. Well in any modern browser there is a feature to switch to a browsing form that that your info is not tracked. Ban the collection of data from youths, well to be able to this, wouldn’t you need to have information on every single user on the internet and need to know when each user under 18 is using the internet, which in turn breaks the actual ban. Prevent online companies from collecting without your knowledge, if you read any websites Privacy Policy you will see that it does tell you what it is collecting and why. And the last one well that is just another data collection database so breaks the same rule they are trying to ban.

Some times I just do not get how some of the smartest people are the dumbest when it comes to thinking through their ideas. Unless they have an alternative  reason to ban and collect your data.

What do you think?



Apple v. RIM–Blackberry does not need a Bumper

With all the reports lately of Apple’s Antennagate, there have been videos floating around showing that all phones suffer from this apparent death grip attenuation.

To try and deflect the attention that the new iPhone 4 has been receiving for its poor signal quality Apple posted video that it claims show the problem happening on other devices. So I was shocked to see that the Blackberry Bold 9700 was one of them. I have had this phone since the first week it came out, and aside from the abysmal service in the Cornwall, ON area I have not had a problem with this phone.

I followed that same steps that Apple takes in their videos. Step one 1 show the phone normally with a light grip. Then step 2 show it with a death grip. AS you can see in my video the phone does not even loose a bar the whole time.

Apple Video

But let us get back to the main topic. It should not matter how many bars you have, as long as the phone can compete a connection to a tower it will hold the connection; unless there is actually a problem with the phone or tower. I have been in many areas that I get 1 bar and the phone still can make calls and receive email. Give a listen to This Week in Tech or Macbreak Weekly and you’ll hear that the problem is not the dropped bars but the dropped calls. If you cannot make a clear call and keep it then the phone has greater problems then a mathematic formula shown bars.

Peace out.


What are you Watching?

So I don’t watch TV, but I do watch Video Podcast and listen to Audio Podcast. I am wondering what everyone else is watching and listening to. I have compiled a list of all the feeds I subscribe to, add your list in the comments.


So it looks like the name Jason is the 59th most popular name on the planet.

If you are a info whore you are going to love http://www51.wolframalpha.com/, from the creator of Mathematica this website can be used to answer or compare anything, try it yourself and see what you can learn.

And I mean anything looking for the population of a town, enter the name, looking for GDP values from 40 years ago enter that, you can enter anything you want (formatted right) and you can get information.

$899 iMac

Well it looks like the public has finally drilled into the heads over at Apple that a low cost option was required.

Gizmodo seems to have found some evidence on the education page at Apple’s sites.

I still won’t buy a iMac as I am a Laptop person now going on 6 years of just using the smaller laptops, and cannot see myself switching back.

Twitter Impressed Me

Today was my first day using Twitter, I have resisted for a long time because I figured the status system in Facebook was enough but Twitter has impressed me. Not because of the way it works or how many people use it. But the fact that I made a mention of the need for a feature in a specific piece of software and well one of the programmers attached to the project instantly sent me a message and now that feature is in the software.

I just cannot believe in a 2 hour period it went from a suggestion to something now in my software.

Thanks to Brandon Turner @ Microsoft


So the registrar that I had originally registered jasontapp.com with folded and there was no notice that this had happened, so I new my domain was coming up for renewal but when I didn’t ger an email I was a little concerned so I checked and I wasn’t getting emails from anything on jasontapp.com did a whois lookup on the domain and someone had stolen the domain, so I have spent the last 14 days playing dns tag with someone and I finally stole my domain back.