Car Prices

So if you been looking at buying a new car lately, you must have noticed that car prices has been on a steady increase. But wait the Canadian dollar is high and the American dollar is very low. So basically a car should on average be about $3000 cheaper. But they aren’t they are just getting more and more expensive. Take the Ford F150 last year its starting price was $23,500, this year the new F150 is starting at $28,500. Something doesn’t seem right about that. And just to make the situation worst, if you look at the profit margins on trucks, from all the major auto markers, they make about 3 times the amount of money on a truck then they do on cars. That just tells you how much they are over charging.

Now this next section doesn’t affect people that live in provinces that have public insurance like BC, Sask., MB, and Quebec. But just think about the price of a vehicle and how much insurance is, you can be easily paying $600 a month for a car, and that’s at the low end. Car prices have gotten so high that dealers are now offering financing up to 84 months. 84 months that is along time to be paying for a car, especially when the warranty is after 24 months. So basically you are paying for a car that if anything happens you have to pay for it. I say if they are going to finance a car for 84 months the warranty should be for the same amount of time.

Its time for car manufactures to take into account how much insurance is, if you are buying a cav and have a monthly payment of $299 that’s not bad, but add on the insurance and you are paying $500 a month for a damn cav. That’s just not worth it. But if you watch the ads they show a bunch of dealer’s credits, has anyone ever qualified for a dealer credit. These dealer credits are actually credits that the manufacturer has made available to the dealer. So the dealers get the car cheaper from the manufacturer but still charge the same high price to the public. BASTARDS

3 thoughts on “Car Prices

  1. Hackboy

    I would love to have a truck, but for reasons that you just stated, I couldn’t get one. It has gotten really crazy lately with the price of trucks. Every year they seem to add about $4000 on to the price for the “new model” and “new features” but I really don’t think it’s worth it. This is the reason you don’t see too many college students driving around in trucks, no one can afford $700 a month on a vehicle with insurance.

  2. ReCk

    Most poeple after paying their mortage and bills cant afford 700$ plus insurance a month. Somehting has to change with the auto industry, they cant keep raising prices each year. Do they think everyone gets a 10% raise each year that they can keep getting the next more expensive model.

  3. archos

    what, you don’t get a 10% raise each year.. get a better job … man i wish i got a 10% raise each year, that would be sweet, would be making a ton of cash in no time…