Camping In River Bend

So I spent the weekend camping at River Bend Campground in Okotoks south of Calgary, not the nicest campground but it wasnt that bad. But it never fails, every campground Ive been at no matter if it was Alberta, Saskachewan, Ontario, or Quebec the campground is near a damn railway. Why do owners of campgrounds find the need to build there sites next to railways. But hey it was still a good weekend.

I spent a few hours in the river with my niece and nephew, until a damn Rattle Snake swam by. Im not afraid of snakes but trying to teach a 4 year old how to swim and have a rattle snake swim within 5 inchs of him is a little crazy.

What else, not much else happened it was a very relaxing weekend, just wish their more chickies around, it was a little lacking in that department.

But check out the pictures.

OK due to bandwidth restriction, I’m very close to my limit, so I am placing links for pictures now.

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