Calgary Stampede – Try Harder!

I just got back from the Calgary Stampede, you know, Canada’s largest rodeo. I am so not impressed with how that event is setup. The main gate is in such a small area, you have everyone coming from the parking lot, plus everyone coming off the LRT (Train) all going into a spot no more bigger than 50’x50′. But it gets even better, after you pay 11$ to get into, you walk right into the crowd of the concert stage. And the area that surrounds the concert stage is not much bigger than what the entrance was. So to actually get into the Stampede grounds you have to make your way through thousands of people watching a concert. But it gets even better the first thing you see is YOU CAN WIN $$$. The whole Stampede revolves around spending money. Everything cost money. You would think that after paying an entrance fee, the exhibits would be free, hell no. You then have to pay 16$ to go watch the actual rodeo, 26$ for a ride pass, 25$ each to go on the specials rides. Wait there is more, a bottle of water is 2.50$, even to get to a bathroom you have to walk through a massive exhibition hall, that looks like The Shopping Channel on steroids; ONLY FOUR PAYMENTS OF 66.66$ TO OWN YOUR VERY OWN FRUIT CRUSHER. Come on, I thought that the Stampede was about the Old West, getting back to the old country. There is nothing there that even resembles farming. OK you see a tractor, but guess what it is plastered with advertisements. I walked into one tent, where they were doing Horse Pulling, guess what, EVEN THE DAMN HORSE HAD AN AD ON IT. I just don’t get it. I was there for 3 hours and I did not even come close to having a good time. I think the most interesting part, was seeing a 500 lbs spotted pig.

Come on Calgary, you are a city, ACT LIKE IT. Everything that this city does is made for a small town, they just don’t understand that having to spend 3 hours in line to see an indoor concert is just not acceptable; all because the facility is too small.

Well the night wasn’t that much of a lost, I had dinner at Cheesecake CafĂ©, it was the best steak that I have had in a long time, almost as good as a steak I had at Gibies in Saint Sauveur, Quebec. But nothing will ever be better than Gibies, that restaurant is unbelievable. Its the only place I have been that you get served by 7 people, and you never have to ask for anything. If your class has a sip taking from it, its filled without you noticing. But it was one of the most expensive meals I ever had.

Today was a busy day, I went to DeVry to finalize my scedule and pay my tuition and buy my books, it was an expensive day.

But I think I’m going to drink my slush watch some TV and think about how much I miss Montreal.

Good Night

P.S. Laptop is almost here, its at the US border. Also I start school on monday.