3 thoughts on “Blame Canada

  1. Hackboy

    Interesting article, good read. I don’t mind the levy placed on CD’s since it does make it “legal” to copy music. Works for me, and it works for the economy as well. Canada rules.

  2. ReCk

    I actually havent seen much of an increase in CD prices I still can go to my local computer store and buy 100 CDs for 27$. So im all for the levy, it helps eveyone, the Record labels get shut up, artist still get their doh, and I dont have to pay 20$ for a damn CD anymore. Its all good.

  3. archos

    When they introduced levys on CD’s the manufacturers and the stores basically swallowed them (when you buy CD’s in bulk at least). They are more of a lost leader right now. Go to computer boulevard and they have them there, kinda to get people into the store. Smaller quantities (10packs etc) cost more, but more people buy them, so the levy’s are still there. Thing is, they are pushing for higher levies, and levies on mp3 players, charging something like $21/GB of storage on them. Which if you want to buy a nice 20GB MP3 player you would pay an extra $420. that is crazy. If that comes in, I hope someone makes a MP3 player which takes the 2.5″ hard drives, but sells the thing as a kit, where you have to buy the drive seperate. Then buy a cheep 2.5″ drive seperate without the levy.

    Current levies i can deal with, the proposed ones just suck.