Bit Torrent

Wow I have 16 Bit Torrent downloads (which equal almost 60 gigs) going and well talk about slow bandwidth. It seems that poeple are using all my upload bandwidth, not sure if it is the Torrents or somebody is leeching on my ftp. Either way Im to lazy to check and so I will have dial speeds for the next few days till those downloads are done. Torrent is the easiest way to get full season downloads, I am currently downloading all 15 seasons of The Simpson’s DVD rip. I just wish Bit Torrent had a better interface, cause right now it doesnt have one.

Oh I am messing with my css again so things might look wierd.

One thought on “Bit Torrent

  1. Hackboy

    It all depends on which Torrent client you are using. I use the Experimental Client and that works well.